I. Gutai 1960 — 1967

Matsutani covers canvases with impressive and sensual organic volumes made of inflated vinyl adhesive. In 1963, he is invited to be a member of Gutai.

Takesada Matsutani | Gutai Banner Top 15.jpg

Gutai Works

After much experimentation, vinyl adhesive becomes Matsutani’s favorite material. The air filled vinyl shapes are originally inspired by observing matter through a microscope. In 1966, Matsutani wins the first prize of the Mainichi Newspaper Franco-Japanese competition, resulting in a grant to study in France.


In the prize-winning Work 66-2, the elements that will define the later works are already present: opaque coal black, the transparency of dried vinyl adhesive, flatness, drop shapes, stillness and suspended movement.

— Jean-Michel Bouhours

In: Matsutani Takesada, Stream.
Kamakura & Hayama: Museum of Modern Art, 2010